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November 3, 2012
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Chakra -B.O.T. Page 93 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 93 by ARVEN92
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... Page :)

Okay, let me get this straight. This was a pain to make ;_; Especially that last panel D8
God, I think I beat my own record. Thirteen characfters in a single panel D8 NEVER AGAIN D8

Anywho, you heard'im. The name's Jackal. Any of you wondering where Jackal had popped out of? Well, now you know :)
And who are those twelve evil-looking guys flanking him?? I don't wanna sit here and find out! :fear:

Well, kidding XD Some of you may remember them, since it's not the first time they appear in my gallery :) If you search through it you may find them :)
Only, their designs were outdated on those pictures. In the last weeks, these twelve characters went through a harsh renewal, and this is their final design :) I'll post more about them soon!

Sooooo yep :D I hope you enjoy this page^^

Watch me speedpaint PANEL 6:…

Enjoy! ^^

Coloured Pencils on A4 Paper.
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:

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This is an amazing work,I really like it :)
The poses are great,the lines are great,everything is great^^
I really like the last panel,but this looks like it took a very long time for you to do,but if you ask me,it was worth it^^
And I love that Cheetah calls Jackal Jackass XD I think that was clever :3
And I also love Motyl in the bg,when Cheetah jells at Jackal.
I love all of the Zodiac Creatures (I think thats what their called) especially the green one next to Jackal and the tiger on the left.
But like I said,this page is amazing,everything on this page is just awesome.
Fantastic work as always :)
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27 out of 27 deviants thought this was fair.

Tjenamors Arven! Time for a new critique! :la:

Firest of all, I`d like to apologize for not being very active with critiques. :( My homework kills me, literally! >.<

Okay, here goes! ;)

Square 1: The first thing I got to think about on this, was the shading. As you know, there is darker shading the closer the person/pen/anything is to the table or whatever it is lying on. Under Kuma`s paws, there should be almost black in my opinion. :/
BUT! I like this panel anywho! No small issues shall be in my way! ^^

Square 2: Hahahahaha! Tiny Jackal made me laught! X3 (Sorry `bout that. But he looks so tiny and cute there. XD)
The perspective here is E P I C ! I cannot find any other word for it! 8D And C.Y. ... you better watch out! He is no good guy! D8

Square 3: JACKAL! You`re not cute no more! Now I am against you too! C.Y. is beautiful with her 3 eyes? What do YOU have? HUH?!? *12 zodiac demons comes out of the dark* Eheheehee... Still think you`re a bastard. :C
(Couldn`t resist! XD)
I like the fact that C.Y. lowers her head when she hears her bad nickname. And Kuma... You`re the boss! Even though he knows she will never love him, he protects her. Awwwwww!!! :thanks: Very good job with the emotions here! :D

Square 4: Not much to say here. Maybe Jackal`s back should be darker?

Square 5: OMG CHEETAH! You`ll get killed in no time if he gets to hear you! DX
Hehehaha! The playing with words here is brilliant! Jackass, I`d never been able to figure that out! I never thought about it! XD
Orca`s terrified face, Motyl`s scared look... the expressions here are simply P E R F E C T! 8D
And I can see that you`ve worked on the ground, and made it in great perspective! ^^ Great job! :la:

Square 6: I saw the speedpain on this one. : D
The shading and mystic in this blows me away! :omfg: Brilliant! :D

Square 7: OH.... MY..... GOSH!!! :wow: I can`t believe that you managed to fit in them all in one single panel! Amazing work! :squee: The light, the shading....... GRRRRRREEEEAAAATTT!!! :omfg:
Hoho! I can see new designs!!! 83 They all looks great! :D

Amazing work my dear friend! It`s really getting intense! :D My fav page in this chapter so far! (Even though the chapter hasn`t gone very long. XD ) I can`t wait for the next page! ^^

Oh! By the way! When will we get to know about the results of the audition?! I`m so excited to know! ^^

Greetings from Sweden! // :iconsally-ce: :heart:
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Aw man, this is about to get awesome! XD
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i just love cheetah
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Ohhh great, just greeeaaaat...-_-
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