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March 19, 2013
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Africa Comic - Test Page by ARVEN92 Africa Comic - Test Page by ARVEN92

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French Version / Version franšaise: [link] by/par :iconaspi-galou:


I promised it a long while back and finally it's done.

This is the test page for my upcoming comic, Africa! :D
I wanted to make something to introduce the two main characters, Africa and Chui, and at the same time, I wanted to experiment perspectives, feline anatomy in perspective, shadows, and ways to draw grass. Drawing grass traditionally is a challenge. SERIOUSLY.

Yeah, Chui is a jerk. No, he's not really in love with Africa. He's just a jerk :P


NO, this is not the first page of the comic, nor any of the pages that are to come.
NO, this is not a scene from the comic, even if something similar to this will happen.
NO, there won't be a next page anytime soon. I'll be posting more artworks of Africa for sure, but this test page is meaningful to itself. I might be making another page if I feel the need to change stuff, but otherwise, this is it.

Q:Arven! Arven! When is the comic going to start?
A: Please refer to my FAQ section, question 4-8.). Thank you!

So, what do you think of this page?^^ I wanted to do something similar if not identical to Chakra in terms of layout, but

How do you like the anatomies?
How do you like the perspectives?
How do you like the colours?
How do you like the grass done by pen?
How do you like the font used?
How do you like the overall page?

If you could post critique, that'd be great! And if you have tips on how to draw grass the traditional way, please share! <3 I want to learn :D

Also, are you able to tell Africa apart from Chui? That's very important for me! :)

Oh, one more thing! Okay, I thought this didn't need clearing, but
Africa and Chui are LEOPARDS. Not jaguars, not cheetahs.
I believed this was clear enough from the pictures, but apparently it isn't^^;
I keep receiving comments saying: "Cheetahs aren't that bulky!" or "Cheetahs have different spots!"
Of course they do^^; Maybe that should suggest you that these two aren't cheetahs?^^;

Well, enjoy^^

Coloured pencils on A4 paper.
Many days.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:

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Hello, critiques aren't something I normally do. But I'll do the best I can. :D

Both characters look original. It must be a nightmare to draw on all those spots though! However, to answer your question about being able to tell them apart, it is quite difficult. Both are the same colors and form. In the third panel, Africa looks extremely muscular for a female. Why not give a little size, body shape, and color contrast between the characters to make them easier to identify?

The anatomy is good, but it could be better. These are cheetahs, yes? As a fast animal I tend to imagine them as built more agile. It could be a matter of style, but the legs and especially the shoulders appear quite bulky and rounded. I'm sure you can find an in-between that looks even better than what you have.

Your ability to draw from all angles leaves me in awe. That is one major part of your comics that make them so entertaining to read. A tip I remember reading from various sources is the use perspective to enhance the mood. Not to say that you don't utilize that already, but I think that you could really bring the story to life if you figure out what perspective causes what mood. In this page, I can feel the tension just by the drawings.

The colors are lovely. Everything about the shading is amazing as always. How you achieve such smoothness is beyond me. Keep doing what you do and those skills will be further honed to perfection.

Again, the third panel bothers me a little. The grass seems too transparent. Perhaps if you found a balance between the solid ground and drawing only the blades of grass, it might improve things. I think grass is one of the most challenging things to draw. But like all things, practice is guaranteed to improve it.

I love the font. It's well suited for the comic. The shape of the speech balloons are perfect in my eyes.

Overall impression.
At first glance, it's impossible to wonder where they are. Everything about the colors says Africa. The color of the grass looks amazing contrasted to the blue sky.
You are constantly learning and improving. Just keeping working hard because it's paying off!
Looking forward to reading this new comic.
What do you think?
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the overall page looks quite nice. the layout of the page is acceptable but lack original panels. I think the perspective is nice and it really fits the story's flow. as for the anatomy, nothing to really complain about, the only thing ive noticed is that chui's arm seems a bit crooked in the third panel. the colors are quite nice, for a realist look... when making a comic, you maybe whant to show a certain mood for certain moments, you could use some colors to etablish mood like in this tutorial I found for you [link] this technique helps alot when it comes to give a certain feeling to the viewer, this page would have been perfect with green colors or red ones. For the grass, it looks good, I would also experiment with highlights and lowlights of the color you used for the grass. When you look attentively you can tell chui appart from africa. But if you look faster, they are a bit similar. Ive noticed that you did alot of stylisation on their faces, but I needs some more on the overall body too. They have the exactly same angular chest and ankle fur, why not make africa's chest more fluffy? She would looks more soft and likeable. Chui's desing looks perfect to me, the angular lines really shows well is bad side. the font looks good and is easy on the eyes. I alreadey hate chui, but when he said "I love you too, sweetheart " I started to laugh, this really fits him well! gosh I can't wait to see more!
What do you think?
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